Men’s Perm

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Men's Perms | Korean Men's Perm

Before diving into the best men perm hair styles, it makes sense to define what is a perm. This is a hair procedure where you apply chemicals to your hair in order to alter its natural texture and make it curly or wavy. The main difference between the modern perm and the traditional one is that nowadays hairstylists take different approaches to creating wavy or curly hairstyles for men. Instead of old-style perm rods made of plastic, they employ any tools they can come up with, from fabric to rollers or even own fingers. Thanks to this creative approach, you get various curl types: waves, coils, ringlets etc. Side down perms help men with Asian hair tame thick and "pokey" hair without having the need to cut the sides short with clippers. The look that is created is sleek sides without showing the skin (think the opposite of a fade). You have probably heard many times that perming hair makes it damaged, weak and brittle. While it is true to some point, this is not necessarily the case. When done unprofessionally, hair perm can really bring very negative consequences to your mane’s health. Also, when your hair is already chemically treated, for instance, dyed or bleached, perming it may be tricky. Thus, you should keep in mind all these factors and several others, which is why it is better to entrust us with your men's perm needs.