Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Coloring Specialists

If you currently are not a bleach and tone client you will want to do a corrective color to make that transition either from highlights or no color at all to get you in the first step of being a bleach and tone person! Bleach and Tones are so much fun because you can be bright blonde but you still have a lot of options on what kind of blonde you would like to be! If you are thinking about doing all over blonde please schedule a consultation first, this is where you and your stylist will discover if you are in fact a Corrective Color service to start and then get on a schedule of Bleach and Tone retouch appointments! Or perhaps you're looking for a specific look that will require blonde balayage. If so, if you have any pictures of the color you're looking for, that will be beneficial for both you our client and the stylist creating the look. The master stylists at Sono Felice by Christine will guide and consult you from start to finish and based on your current hair condition, will give you the best recommendation suited for your hair.