Keratin Treatment

Hair Treatment Salon | Los Angeles, CA

While coloring services such as bleach and toning, balayage and perms will give you the look desire, it comes at a price to the health of hair. However, there is a treatment for this! Want to battle frizzy hair and win? Then our keratin treatment is perfect for you. If a dry and itchy scalp is one of your hair woes, an in salon scalp treatment can be a beneficial service. Resurrect dry and parched tresses with a moisture protein treatment. The creme de la creme deep conditioning treatment, a quality moisture treatment can fix common hair woes such as lack of shine and split ends. Adding a moisture treatment to your coloring service will be something your hair will love! Detox hair treatments get rid of the buildup on the hair shaft that results from too much product usage or chemicals such as chlorine. By clarifying the hair shaft, a detox treatment improves the health of the hair and scalp and can stimulate hair growth. If your curls have taken over, a relax treatment can take back the power. Relaxing treatments fight frizz effectively and make hair sleek for months on end. Results can be customized to reduce curl, remove frizz, and control movement. Toning treatments are used to correct the color of the hair. If you're blonde coloring got a little too golden once the foils were removed or your reds and browns have faded, a toning treatment can be applied after the initial color service to perfect your hair color, or in-between a full color service as maintenance.